Volunteer Position Description

CCVA Mission: To advance excellence in volunteer administration by delivering professional certification and advocating ethical practice.

The Social Media Specialist’s primary role is to support CCVA in maintaining an active social media presence consistent with CCVA’s organizational objectives and communications strategy. The Social Media Specialist will also provide insight and guidance to the Executive Director and External Relations Committee to ensure adherence to best practices across CCVA’s social media channels which currently include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Orientation and Training: Orientation to CCVA and this position will be given by phone and/or webinar by the Executive Director.


  • Manage CCVA’s social media presence, including: Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter, LinkedIn page, LinkedIn group
  • Post messages regularly
    • Facebook page (1-2 per week): articles, blogs, webinars from the field, updates from CCVA, webinars promoted through sponsorships
    • Facebook group (as needed): updates from CCVA, webinars promoted through sponsorships
    • Twitter (1-3 per week): articles, blogs, webinars from the field, updates from CCVA
    • LinkedIn page (as needed): updates from CCVA
    • LinkedIn group (as needed): updates from CCVA, webinars promoted through sponsorships
  • Approve CVAs to join the LinkedIn and Facebook groups by checking the CVA Registry
  • Respond to questions and other interactions received via CCVA’s social media channels, seeking guidance from the Executive Director or others as needed
  • Engage CVAs in submitting photos of CVAs in action (#CVAselfie) to use in social media, on website, etc.
  • Increase engagement on the CCVA Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages
  • Monitor social media traffic to assess effectiveness
  • Participate in External Relations Committee conference calls as needed or desired, to share information or gather input
  • Share relevant social media best practices with Executive Director and External Relations Committee

Suggested Goals (to be mutually determined after identifying current baseline):

  • Likes and engagement on the Facebook Page
  • Followers and engagement on Twitter


  • Interest in social media trends and best practices
  • Experience with administering Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Desire and ability to work independently as an online volunteer
  • Knowledge of legal requirements and risk liabilities with social media (or willing to learn)

Work Schedule: Volunteer work hours are flexible in agreement with the Executive Director.

 Time commitment: An estimated total of 2 volunteer service hours per week is expected for this position. The position assignment is for one year. The commitment may be extended by mutual agreement.

Supervision and Support Plan: The staff liaison for this position is the CCVA, Executive Director, execdir@cvacert.org. A plan for regular communication will be mutually determined. The Social Media Specialist is expected to meet deadlines in a time frame mutually agreed upon.

Volunteer Benefits:

  • Opportunity to provide CCVA with skills acquired in social media and provide consultation
  • Opportunity to make professional contacts in a worldwide organization
  • Opportunity to contribute toward the mission of the CCVA

Start and End Dates: November 2018 – October 2019