CCVA Releases 3rd Edition of Text Book

VOLUNTEER ADMINISTRATION: Professional Practice (3rd edition)

CVA Text Book v3 coverReflecting the inherently diverse practice of volunteer administration this text brings together a broad range of expertise from leading educators and practitioners, providing readers with the essential concepts and principles for effective leadership of volunteer engagement. Published by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA), this foundational resource provides a pracademic approach to the tasks, knowledge and skills which comprise the recently updated competency framework for volunteer management:

  • Plan for Strategic Volunteer Engagement
  • Advocate for Volunteer Involvement
  • Attract and Onboard a Volunteer Workforce
  • Prepare Volunteers for their Roles
  • Document Volunteer Involvement
  • Manage Volunteer Performance and Impact
  • Acknowledge, Celebrate and Sustain Volunteer Involvement

Changes in this third edition include:

  • Revisions and updates to all chapters to reflect changes to best practices and current research, references and statistics.
  • A new chapter on ethical decision-making
  • Appendices focused on quality improvement and community impact
  • Addition of three case studies with discussion questions

To learn more about the text book and how to place an order, click here.

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Happy IVM Day!

Every year on November 5 we celebrate leaders of volunteers on a day known as International Volunteer Managers Day. This event started in 1999 and has been growing ever since with the guidance of a global volunteer committee. Since the name is quite a mouthful, it’s often shortened to IVM Day.

How might CVAs be spending IVM Day? We asked and here’s what we found out.

Attending a conference (or presenting at one)

IVM Day 2016 - 1

Though the theme of IVM Day changes each year, the focus is always “education through celebration.” How fitting that some CVAs will be educating themselves or others!



IVM Day 2016 - 2

CVAs don’t just talk the talk; they also walk the walk by volunteering themselves.



IVM Day 2016 - 3

As leaders in civic engagement, it’s no surprise that some CVAs reported they’d be voting and encouraging others to vote too.


(hopefully!) Celebrating receiving their CVA

IVM Day 2016 - 4

Some of our CVA candidates were crossing their fingers that they’d find out the results of the exam they took in October.


Celebrating fellow volunteer engagement professionals

IVM Day 2016 - 5

No IVM Day would be complete without taking the time to recognize colleagues near and far. CVAs around the world will be sharing their appreciation in-person and through social media (#IVMday16).

Wherever you are, we hope you have a spectacular IVM Day!

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It’s Been A Great Year!

October marks the beginning of a new fiscal year for CCVA, and a nice opportunity to reflect on the past year.

In particular, we’d like to thank our many friends and supporters– particularly CVAs who served as enthusiastic ambassadors, encouraging their peers to pursue certification this year. Your advocacy was a major factor in exceeding our certification registration goal in 2016!

Additional highlights summarized below.

CCVA 2016 Highlights - click to download

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National Summit on Volunteer Engagement Leadership

Calling all CVAs! We’d like to alert you to an upcoming event hosted by the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA): the 2017 National Summit on Volunteer Engagement Leadership: Mapping Our Future, Strengthening Our Voice.

The National Summit is an opportunity for current and emerging leaders to discover together how to build a new national presence, tackle the issues they face, and maximize their skills as volunteer engagement experts to improve our nation’s communities.

Please consider adding your voice to the national conversation! MAVA is currently accepting presenter proposals. Visit the National Summit website to access the details. Proposals must be submitted by November 30, 2016.

Content will focus on two general goals which are distinct, yet highly interrelated:

  • Focus 1: Advancing the national visibility and impact of leaders of volunteer engagement
  • Focus 2: Developing the knowledge and skills of practitioners of volunteer administration

More in-depth information on the goals and outcomes can be found in this case statement.

If you’re planning to submit an RFP for the event, you’ll want to follow the instructions and review the goals of the National Summit and keep them in mind as you craft your proposal.

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Add Your Voice

Add Your Voice to the 2017 Volunteer Management Progress Survey & Report

If you manage volunteers or lead a volunteer program or organization, don’t miss your chance to take the 2017 Volunteer Management Progress Survey and be the first to learn the results.

This ‘state of the industry’ survey includes questions related to volunteer management practices, challenges, and needs. Researchers hope to paint a more complete picture of today’s volunteer management pros while taking into account their organizational characteristics, resources, locations, etc.

Last year, 944 volunteer management professionals completed this “state of the industry” survey top to bottom. The resulting 39-page report painted an intriguing a picture of their job structure, salary, satisfaction, and volunteer administration tactics.

This year, the researchers hope to offer even more insight and breakdowns by state and country. That will only happen if there are enough responses to generate valid results for smaller segments.

So, please help spread the word about the 2017 Volunteer Management Progress Report. The more people participate, the more information we have to advocate for our profession!

As a bonus, everyone who completes the survey will be invited to a free “sneak peek” webinar in January. It will take less than 15 minutes to complete.

Click here take the survey.

The deadline is November 18, 2016.

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Message from a current CVA candidate

“I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed this process so far. From reading the text to forming a study group with a couple of women who were in my area. It really has been a great learning opportunity and after 5 years in this my position has really increased my feeling of validation that Volunteer Administration is a career.”
Current 2015 CVA candidate

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CVA Exam Webinar

On March 31 we offered a 1-hour webinar focused on the CVA Exam. We reviewed information about the exam content, offered tips for studying, and answered many questions from candidates.

You may now access the recording of this webinar at
A PDF of the slides is also available on this page.
This information will remain available until June 1.

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CCVA backs international support for volunteering

The United Nations is now engaged in a consultative process to develop a Post-2015 Development Agenda, with renewed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2015-2030.  IAVE (International Association of Volunteer Effort) believes that volunteering, in all of the myriad ways it happens throughout the world, must be seen as an essential strategic asset to achieve those goals.

The CCVA Board recently signed a Call to Action on behalf of this effort. Will you sign too?  Visit to learn more.

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International Volunteer Manager’s Day

Volunteer Manager's DayNovember 5, 2014 is International Volunteer Managers Day!

Universally, people recognize the contribution of volunteers, in fact volunteers are involved in just about every aspect of service delivery in all walks of life.

However, volunteering does not succeed in a vacuum. It is important to let those volunteer management professionals know that the spirit of volunteerism is enhanced and enabled by them – and to thank them.

So many thanks to our volunteer managers. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication — both to your causes and to the excellence you bring to your work. And a special shout out to all managers who have taken the time and effort to become CVA credentialed.

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Not sure if you’re ready?

If you are thinking about pursuing the CVA certification, but aren’t sure if you are ready, use our CVA Self-Assessment Tool (PDF).

This is a helpful way to evaluate your level of knowledge and experience related to each of the core competencies on which the CVA credential is based.

And if you are ready to explore more, visit our CVA Certification section

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Respond to our Job Analysis Survey

Your Chance to be Heard as a Leader of Volunteer Engagement!

CCVA is conducting a job analysis survey to update our understanding of this role. We would like YOUR help in updating the skills, knowledge and competencies that practitioners in our field possess. Please join your colleagues around the globe as we evolve together as a community and as a profession.

Do you …

  • have at least 3 years of experience leading and managing volunteers?
  • know what it takes to do this work well?
  • want to be sure all types of organizations are represented?
  • want to ensure your country’s point of view is expressed?
  • welcome the opportunity to influence the certification and education for this profession?

If so, then please take 25 minutes to complete our survey at All individual responses will be kept confidential.

Please feel free to forward this information with your peers who have at least 3 years of experience. Thank you in advance for your participation!

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