VOLUNTEER ADMINISTRATION: Professional Practice (3rd edition)

CVA Text Book v3 coverReflecting the inherently diverse practice of volunteer administration this text brings together a broad range of expertise from leading educators and practitioners, providing readers with the essential concepts and principles for effective leadership of volunteer engagement. Published by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA), this foundational resource provides a pracademic approach to the tasks, knowledge and skills which comprise the recently updated competency framework for volunteer management:

  • Plan for Strategic Volunteer Engagement
  • Advocate for Volunteer Involvement
  • Attract and Onboard a Volunteer Workforce
  • Prepare Volunteers for their Roles
  • Document Volunteer Involvement
  • Manage Volunteer Performance and Impact
  • Acknowledge, Celebrate and Sustain Volunteer Involvement

Changes in this third edition include:

  • Revisions and updates to all chapters to reflect changes to best practices and current research, references and statistics.
  • A new chapter on ethical decision-making
  • Appendices focused on quality improvement and community impact
  • Addition of three case studies with discussion questions

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