The Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA) is pleased to announce the release of a new portfolio of competencies for the field of volunteer administration. The job analysis study was conducted by a task force of certified subject matter experts who represented a variety of geographic locations and organizational settings, and facilitated by a highly experienced psychometrician.
The task force work was then validated by an electronic survey of practitioners who have worked in Volunteer Administration for at least three years. A total of 874 responses (80% response rate) were received.

The 2015 CVA Competency Framework clarifies and defines the full range of tasks involved in the professional management and leadership of volunteer engagement. It also serves as the foundation for the Certified in Volunteer Administration (CVA) credential. The new framework details seven competencies:

  • Plan for Strategic Volunteer Engagement
  • Advocate for Volunteer Involvement
  • Attract and Onboard a Volunteer Workforce
  • Prepare Volunteers for their Roles
  • Document Volunteer Involvement
  • Manage Volunteer Performance and Impact
  • Acknowledge, Celebrate and Sustain Volunteer Involvement

While much of the updated tasks and skills are very similar to the content of the previous set of competencies, the format of these new competencies reflects current best practice in the world of professional credentialing.

The 2015 CVA Competency Framework serves as a valuable resource for multiple audiences:

  • Training programs and educators may be interested in the validated tasks and knowledge/skill statements to ensure their programs are up to date and consistent with the certification.
  • Reviewing this Framework can help new practitioners better understand their management and leadership role.
  • The Competency Framework provides a tool to assist executives and top management in supporting and strengthening the function of volunteer administration within their organizations.
  • CVA candidates may better understand how the core competencies of their work are determined through the Job Analysis process, and form the basis for professional certification.
  • The CVA examination committee uses this Framework to guide the writing of test questions.
  • CVA certificants may use these statements to guide their own plans for continuing professional development.