Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration
Excellence • Ethics • Education


Signal a commitment to excellence and demonstrate the knowledge needed to competently attract, onboard, and support dedicated volunteers and community members.


Select from a network of 1100 individuals including leaders of volunteers in every conceivable type of organization and setting.


Renew CVA credentials to demonstrate continuing professional development and retain the right to use the professional appellation, CVA.

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Our Vision

A world where competent, passionate leaders effectively engage volunteers.

Our Mission:

To advance excellence in volunteer administration by delivering professional certification and advocating ethical practice.


We provide certifications internationally!
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Our Numbers

CVAs Currently Certified

Professionals showcasing their commitment to excellence and ethical practices in all aspects of their work.

CVAs Certified in 2023

Pursue your CVA in 2024. Complete your application by March 1, 2024 for the April exam.

CVAs Renewed in 2023

This group demonstrated their ongoing commitment to volunteer leadership excellence amidst the challenging backdrop of a global pandemic.

 All Time Certifications

Professionals who have chosen over time to add a CVA certification to their portfolio of credentials and expertise.  (Last updated April 2024.)

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