In the constantly changing contemporary work environment, the standard of best practices in volunteer management must remain at the highest level of expertise possible. Professionals in all fields are expected to be fully up-to-date in their chosen area of expertise. Employers and customers alike have high expectations of the services provided by certified professionals. Renewal of the CVA credential is required every five years to demonstrate continuing professional development and to retain the right to use the professional appellation, CVA.   Take a look at this brief article Renewing Your Credential: Thoughts from a Recent CVA

CVA Renewal Requirements

The process of renewing the CVA credential is designed to:

  • include a full range of activities that are relevant to today’s trends and technology
  • provide a balanced approach between  passive “head learning” and “experiential” activities
  • respond to specific suggestions from renewing CVAs
  • provide flexibility and meaning for the required written component
  • emphasize the continuing importance of professional ethics

Renewal Forms and Resources

You can listen to a webinar on CVA Renewal in 2020 HERE.

To get started, download the Guidelines and Tracking form.

CVA Renewal Guidelines – 2020   —  Details about how to renew your credential, including the many ways you can earn and document Professional Development Units (PDUs)

NOTE:  If you have been laid off or fuloughed in recent months it does not affect your ability to renew your CVA.  As long as you intend to continue working in this field you are welcome and encouraged to renew.   Please remember to keep CCVA informed of your current contact information.


Normally the Renewal Fee is $175 USD after June 30.  However, in response to the stress and uncertainty caused by COVID-19, CCVA is exending the Early Bird Discounted Renewal Fee of $140 USD until the end of 2020.   

Submit Renewal Documents Online

Once you have all the required documents for renewal, please submit them using our online form located here.

Keep in mind:

  • This form cannot be saved as a draft. Once you’ve started filling out this form, you will need to complete  it.
  • You will need to upload your Tracking Form and Professional Reflection Essay. They should be separate PDFs that are no larger than 1GB.

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