Welcome, CVA Candidate!

CVA welcome and mentorCongratulations on your decision to pursue this certification as another step in your professional development journey. CCVA is here to support you, so please email or call (412) 901-9598 if you have questions or concerns.


Current Candidate Re-registration

If you are a current candidate who is eligible to re-register for the program at a special rate, visit the Pay Online page to re-register at the $140.00 rate.

From a CVA Candidate

“This has been a wonderful experience for me… It was wonderful to network with other candidates throughout the process. I’ve connected with people around the country. I’m on the board of our local DOVIA, which reaches about 35 local volunteer managers, but through this process I was connected to more than 200 people! It’s a tremendous support. Professional development dollars are very scarce these days, so investing in PD that will last the entire year was especially enriching and valuable for me.”