How do I know if I’m ready or eligible to register as a CVA candidate?

We want you to have sufficient experience as a leader and manager of volunteers to give you a good chance of success. The application form is designed to help you assess your own readiness in terms of both education and experience.  If you are not sure if you meet the 3-years of experience requirement, feel free to contact the CCVA office to discuss your situation. Another good tool is the CVA Self-Assessment Tool (PDF). This will help you determine your knowledge and experience with each of the core competencies.

What does my letter of reference need to say?

The letter must be from a current or recent supervisor, a current CVA, or a professional colleague familiar with applicant’s leadership and management of volunteers. The content of the letter should include:  1) Brief summary of the relationship to or history with the applicant; 2) Brief description of two to three specific examples of the candidate’s effectiveness as a leader and manager of volunteer engagement.

What happens after I am confirmed as a candidate?

Applications are processed very promptly. Once your application has been approved and the exam fee paid, you will receive an authorization email with more details. You may then take the CVA Exam during one of the next two scheduled testing window.

What support does CCVA offer to candidates?

The Self-Assessment tool is an excellent resource for helping you decide how to focus your reading and study.  Several references are suggested as potential study resources. Local or virtual study groups may be available, and a few sample exam questions are provided.  Of course, the CCVA office is always available for individual questions or concerns.

Where can I take the exam?

Candidates take the CVA Exam at their own computer wherever they prefer.  Proctoring is handled by the computer’s camera.  This means the Exam is accessible no matter where you are located 

What happens if I don’t pass the Exam the first time?

Candidates who do not pass the exam may re-take the exam once in a future testing window and pay the re-test fee.  If a candidate wishes to re-take the exam yet again, he/she will need to re-apply and pay the full fee.

What if I change jobs or lose my job while I’m a CVA candidate?

Changes in job situation do not affect your eligibility, and do not affect your continued pursuit of the credential. As long as you meet the initial eligibility requirement of 3-years of experience and intend to remain in the field of volunteer engagement, we will allow you to continue as a CVA candidate.

From a CVA Candidate

“I’m impressed with the program and am using the textbook to write our volunteer policies at work. It is adding so much more direction and depth to our volunteer management. I’m very glad I’ve enrolled in this program. I know our non-profit has invested wisely by sending me through this.”