Why Certify?

Benefits for YOU, the individual practitioner:

  • clarification of personal values and professional ethics
  • identification of strengths and areas for growth
  • enhanced self-esteem through peer recognition
  • increased confidence in problem-solving skills
  • increased personal and professional credibility
  • transferable documentation of knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • reinforced commitment to professional excellence
  • may contribute to hiring and job security
  • may lead to more recognition from top management

Read more about the benefits of the CVA in this recent renewal essay.

Benefits to your ORGANIZATION or EMPLOYER:

  • demonstrates employer’s commitment to competence
  • increased confidence in employee abilities
  • quality professional development for employees
  • useful in making hiring decisions
  • relevant framework for performance appraisal
  • identifies and documents leadership potential


Individuals wishing to pursue the CVA certification must meet these requirements in order to register as a candidate:

  1. Minimum of the equivalent of three years full-time experience related to volunteer resources management. This experience can be a combination of several part-time positions, and can include both salaried and non-salaried roles.
  2. Minimum of 30 percent of current position related to volunteer resources management.
  3. Documentation of education and related experience.

Commitment to Excellence

Professional certification signals a commitment to excellence. It confirms that individuals have the knowledge needed to competently attract, onboard and support volunteers. Certification promotes personal confidence, and helps employers hire, verify and reward relevant expertise.

Read the Top 10 Reasons to Consider CVA Certification (PDF)