2020 Exam Dates and Application Deadlines

We will update this page when the 2021 Application Process opens.

  • Spring Exam Window
    • Applications due by March 1, 2020
    • Exam window:   April 1-14, 2020
  • Fall Exam Window
    • Applications due by September 1, 2020
    • Exam window:   October 1-14, 2020

2020 Fees (All prices are in US dollars)

  • Regular Exam Fee                        $350
  • VMPC Members Exam Fee         $300
  • Member Discount Exam Fee      $315
    • This includes members of AL!VE, Habitat for Humanity, NAVPLG,  Volunteer Canada, Volunteer Match, VolunteerPro, and United Way.
  • Exam Re-test Fee (one time only) $95

NOTE:  Payments are made online via credit card just prior to the exam period when candidates do the required Technical Trial Test.  You may contact us at [email protected] for alternate payment arrangements.

Application Process

  1. Download the CVA Certification Handbook – Latest Version February 2020  (PDF)
  2. Review and complete the CVA Documentation of Eligibility (PDF) or 2020 CVA Documentation of Eligibility (Word)
  3. Obtain one letter of professional reference
  4. Prepare your resume as a PDF
  5. Save your Documentation of Eligibility table as a PDF
  6. Submit your Application through this form: CVA Application  The application process is now closed.

Once your application is reviewed and approved, you’ll receive additional information regarding the trial test and the upcoming exam window.

NOTE:   If you have been laid off or furloughed in the past few months this does not automatically disqualify you from applying to take the CVA Exam.  You will be able to complete most of the application information even if you are currently between jobs.  Just add a note in your application about your current status.  If you have specific questions about your situation, contact CCVA at [email protected]


The CVA Exam

  • multiple choice questions to assess candidate’s knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge to situations and scenarios
  • two-hour timeframe allowed
  • offered during two 2-week windows each year
  • taken via computer and proctored via the computer camera
  • candidates schedule their own exam on the computer of their choice

Exam Instructions

  • Updated Test Taking Guides from the testing service provider YouTestMe can be found at the CCVA Help Centre
  • When you become an approved CVA candidate it is your responsibility to become familiar with all the items in the CCVA Help Centre.
  • These are guides are not intended to help you study for the exam rather they will help you to be familiar with the test taking software.

Informational Webinars

Sign up for one of these opportunities to learn more about the CVA credential and the certification process.

Other Resources



Preparing for the exam

Preparation for the exam is self-study. The CVA exam is designed to assess the candidate’s ability to apply the concepts of effective practice, rather than the memorization of information learned through direct study of any particular book or reference. A variety of resources are listed here:

Volunteer Administration: Professional Practice. This textbook is published by CCVA and written by CVA practitioners and academics in both the United States and Canada. Available from CCVA. The first and second editions were organized around the CVA core competencies established prior to 2014. A third edition, based on the new 2015 body of knowledge, is now available. In the meantime, both earlier editions continue to be relevant and valuable study resources.

Ellis, Susan. From the Top Down. (1996)
Available from: www.energizeinc.com/store/

e-Volunteerism – The Electronic Journal of the Volunteer Community
Available from: www.energizeinc.com/store/

Professional Ethics in Volunteer Administration.
Download at: https://cvacert.org/resources-and-media/professional-ethics/ (free)

Candidates are encouraged to use the CVA Self-Assessment Tool to help them identify topics on which to focus their study.[/one_third_last]