Adam Janes, CVA – Volunteer Coordinator, Christie Lake Kids, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I have engaged volunteers since I was sixteen, professionally since I was twenty-one. I would often be asking people for help with events, fundraisers or weekly engagement in a program. During that time, I was unaware of the professional managers of volunteers that do such great work. I utilized volunteers, strategized their roles, appreciated them and tried to retain them. It was always important to me to engage the community members to provide leadership and help with programs and events, but I remained unaware of the wealth of resources available… Read the rest of Adam’s guest post with Volunteer Canada here.



Tobi Johnson, MA, CVA – Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

“Back in 2012, I got my CVA. A few years before, I had started my consulting practice and felt I needed to walk the talk when it came to leading in our profession.  I’ve been a fan ever since.  A few years ago, I volunteered to help update the competencies for the credential, my company now partners with CCVA to offer discounted fees to our community, and we host a CVA Study Group inside our VolunteerPro Membership. Wondering if the CVA is right for you? Check out my blog post – Six Great Reasons to Get Your CVA. I wrote it right after I was awarded the credential. Upon reflection, everything still makes sense today. As long as I’m in business, I’ll be renewing my credential. It shows the world we take our work seriously. And, why shouldn’t we? Those we lead are doing nothing less than changing the world for the better.”


Dana Litwin, CVA – Dana Litwin Consulting, San Francisco, California, USA

Tracey O’Neill, CVA – Manager, Volunteer Engagement, Austin Health, Melbourne AUSTRALIA

Listen in as Tracey shares a #TuesdayTip across oceans and time zones on “Being Mindful of Language” on Dana’s YouTube channel.

Amira Barger, MBA, CFRE, CVA – Senior Vice-President, Public Relations and Public Affairs, Ogilvy California, San Francisco, California USA

“Acquiring my CVA opened the door to further professional development and relationships.” Amira speaks and writes often about the role of non profits and charities in demanding, promoting and ensuring equity for all as well as combating racial injustice. Here hear talk about this on an episode of the Rainmakers Fundraising Podcast and read more in an article she wrote on LinkedINPhoto: Amira Barger with volunteer group from Heffernan Insurance Brokers.

High School students testing water Jason Frenzel-Wright, CVA – Huron River Watershed Council, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

I loved the process of acquiring my CVA! I found it personally enriching and professionally valuable. I now have many more resources and abilities at my disposal. I recommend the experience for anyone who is prepared to cultivate their abilities as a professional volunteer manager. Photo: Advanced volunteer leader, Dave Wilson, is training Ann Arbor area high school students water quality monitoring techniques.” Photo Credit: Haley Buffman