The Certified in Volunteer Administration (CVA) is an international professional credential to recognize practitioners in the field of volunteer engagement who meet specified standards as measured through demonstrated professional and academic experience, a commitment to professional ethics, and a certification exam. Unlike certificate programs that involve classes or courses, the CVA is a competency-based professional certification program intended for those with a strong foundation in volunteer administration. The certification exam assesses a candidate’s ability to structure tasks, process ideas, and solve problems related to volunteer engagement.

Cumulative total of 1,693 CVAs Awarded in 11 countries

Australia, Canada, China, Italy, Lebanon, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Switzerland, United States, Zambia

Return on Investment

Professional certification in any field signals competence and commitment to excellence. Employers seeking to harness the full potential of volunteer engagement in their organization recognize the many benefits of CVA certification.

For employers and organizations:

  • demonstrates employer’s commitment to competence
  • increased confidence in employee abilities
  • quality professional development for employees
  • useful in making hiring decisions
  • relevant framework for performance appraisal
  • identifies and documents leadership potential

For individual practitioners:

  • clarification of personal values and professional ethics
  • identification of strengths and areas for growth
  • enhanced self-esteem through peer recognition
  • increased confidence in problem-solving skills
  • increased personal and professional credibility
  • transferable documentation of knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • reinforced commitment to professional excellence

Employer Resources

The CVA Registry is an easy way to verify the status of job applicants. Also explore the complete list of resources for employers.