“Habitat for Humanity International mobilizes volunteers as a key strategy to build programs with societal impact. Standards of ethical practice and professional development for everyone in the organization who work with volunteers is critical to our ministry. The CVA credential provides a consistent standard that can be used worldwide.” — Mark Andrews, Vice President Volunteer and Institutional Engagement Habitat for Humanity International
“Maintaining my credential allows me to help hold up the volunteer management profession in my community, my industry and within my organization (OPB). It helps me move forward my objective of engaging volunteers in strategic ways throughout OPB and helps facilitate conversations beyond OPB about what can be accomplished if organizations grow their capacity through volunteers.”

“This next year we hope to have another staff member complete their CVA. This will be the fifth person (including me) OPB will have supported through the process. I’m pretty excited about that prospect.” — Holly Denniston, MPA, SPHR, CVA, Director of Human and Volunteer Resources Oregon Public Broadcasting