CCVA Body of Knowledge and Competency Framework (PDF) — a comprehensive inventory of the core competencies, skills and knowledge needed for effective volunteer engagement.

Sample Job Descriptions for Staff — for volunteer management positions (PDF)

Suggested Job Titles — for those managing volunteer engagement (PDF)

The Vocabulary, Rationale and Critiques of Professional Credentialing (PDF) — an excellent article comparing various types of professional credentialing models in the U.S., United Kingdom and Australia.

Defining Features of Quality Certification and Assessment-Based Certificate Programs (PDF) — a detailed explanation between these two types of programs, as defined by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.

A potential study resource for CVA candidates is the CCVA textbook.  Pictured here is the second edition of the textbook. Currently the third version is available for purchase.  Any version of the textbook is a recommended resource.  Volunteer Administration: Professional Practice.