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Volunteer Administration: Professional Practice, 3rd Edition

If your organization engages volunteers, you already know what volunteers contribute to the mission. Effectively managing, administering and deploying your volunteers can help you achieve your organization’s mandate. Volunteer Administration: Professional Practice, now in its third edition, is the only book that addresses the full body of knowledge required by professional administration and management of volunteers. Whether you run an all-volunteer group, a nonprofit organization, or public sector agency, you will find in this practice-oriented book a comprehensive foundation for effective volunteer engagement.

Book Features

  • Introduces and helps to implement the best volunteer management competencies
  • Provides a solid theoretical framework and professional context on how to properly support volunteer engagement
  • Supported by research, statistics, and perspectives from the leading academics in this field
  • Provides proven approaches to practice from credentialed professionals in the field of volunteer administration

Changes in this Third Edition include:

  • Revisions and updates to all chapters to reflect changes to best practices and current research, references and statistics.
  • A new chapter on ethical decision-making
  • Appendices focused on quality improvement and community impact
  • Addition of three case studies with discussion questions

Contributing Authors

Volunteer Administration: Professional Practice is written by a diverse group of 20 authors from Canada and the United States with content relevant to both nations and others. There are chapters from academic researchers who provide a theoretical basis for sound management, as well as chapters written by practitioners who hold the CVA credential and provide a “field experience” perspective.

Intended Audience

  • CVA candidates may use this this textbook as they prepare for the CVA Exam.
  • Managers, coordinators and leaders of volunteers will benefit from the principles and theories presented in this text, as a foundation for other “how to” books on their shelves.
  • Nonprofit sector educators can use this as a tool for ensuring curriculum development is consistent with real-world practice as verified by a credible practice analysis process.
  • Consultants and trainers in the volunteer administration and management field will find this book helpful as a core reference on which to base their work and share with their clients.
  • Leaders in not-for-profit organizations and public agencies will find credible information to strengthen the function of volunteer administration within their organizations, so that volunteers are maximized as a human resource, and potential risks and challenges are reduced.

Purchasing a Textbook

Textbooks are purchased directly from the publisher Lexis Nexis.  The publisher sets the price of the book.  Books ship within 7-10 days of purchase with tracking details provided from the publisher.

Residents of Canada can purchase the book HERE.

Residents outside of Canada can purchase the book HERE.

As of January 24, 2020, using the code CCVA20 provided buyers with a 20% discount of the price of the book before shipping.

CVA Text Book v3 cover

Quote from a recent CVA Candidate:

“As part of professional development for my staff, I bought them each a copy of the text book. We are going to read a chapter a month and then meet to discuss what they learned and how we can improve what we do.”

— Lee-Ann Scott, CVA Ottawa Network for Education, Ottawa, ON Canada