Latest reporting from the TEVA Project

Article: Engage - Civic Leaders, Social Media, Volunteers and the Pandemic by Mark A. Hager and Rachel Nova

Article: Nonprofit Quarterly - Remote Technology in the Pandemic: Rebalancing Toward Equity and Access by Rachel Nova and Mark A. Hager

Podcast: Time and Talent, Season 3, Episode 2 Why Do Volunteer Managers Adopt New Technology? with Mark A. Hager, Jennifer Bennett and Tobi Johnson


The TEVA Project

The “TEVA project” is a research collaboration between Arizona State University (ASU) and the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration. The project is funded by AmeriCorps; Mark Hager, a faculty member at ASU, is the principal investigator. The focus of the project is technology adoption, use, and struggles by volunteer administrators during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data are collected in two different ways. First, the University of Chicago Survey Lab surveyed CVAs in the spring of 2021. Second, interested CVAs participated in focus groups in the spring and summer of 2021. Hager is now working on a book from these two sources of TEVA data.

The report on the survey is now out!  You can scroll through it below.

Thank you to the 546 CVAs who participated in the TEVA survey. The report provides a more detailed overview of the TEVA project and the basic survey results. It does not yet delve into the focus groups, where 181 CVAs spoke at length in 33 separate meetings. The topline report provides a broad overview of the survey and several themes about technology use during the shutdown:

  • Remote work with remote volunteers became suddenly common for volunteer administrators in the spring of 2020, demanding adjustments to new tools and processes.
  • Volunteer administrators use a wide assortment of technology tools, with no one program dominating the field.
  • Whatever they use, CVAs are generally happy with their primary technology tool.
  • That said, they do not always get to choose their own tools.
  • Anxiety in use of primary technology tools is low.
  • Relationships between pieces of survey information and color from the focus groups are not featured in this brief, leaving many questions for exploration in coming weeks and months. Stay tuned for more reports from the TEVA project!

Adjusting to Remote Volunteer Management: Topline Report of the
Technology Evolution in Volunteer Administration Survey

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The TEVA study is a supplement of the Volunteer Management Capacity Study, funded by AmeriCorps in a cooperative agreement with Arizona State University as part of the 2017 Cohort of the National Service and Civic Engagement Research Competition