Thank you for your interest in volunteering with CCVA!

Here are the available volunteer opportunities:


The Marketing and Communications Committee is looking for someone who loves editing video.

As we tell more and more stories of the amazing CVAs in our global community, we hope to begin offering short (45-60 second) videos of CVAs worldwide. The ideal volunteer will receive videos (likely YouTube, Vimeo, or even raw cellphone footage), edit them down to the required length, add transitions, captions, beginning and end titles and credits, and optimize them for social media.

Sound like fun? If so, please send an email to Michele Baker ( and tell us a little about yourself!


In concert with the coming videos, we will create multiple versions of the videos, each with captions in languages other than English. We need people who speak English AND Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Swahili, Russian, or other languages. This will be simple translation work, watching the short videos and then translating them well (grammatically correct but also communicating the feel of the message) to create good captions.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch (parlez vous francais)? If so, please send an email to and tell us a little about your multi-lingual background!


If you have other ideas to support leaders of volunteers and the work of the Council, please send us an email here.